Prenatal to 1year old Programs in Guelph

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Becoming a mom can be an exciting and scary time. Here are prenatal classes that are offered in Guelph to help make the best of your pregnancy.

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Wellington Dufferin Guelph Public Health

About: Weekly program to support pregnant women to have the healthiest pregnancy and birth possible. Aims to reduce the incidence of unhealthy birth weights, improve the health of infants and mothers, and encourage breastfeeding. Issues such as healthy eating, physical activity, healthy lifestyle, injury prevention, parenting, and food security are tackled. Participants are also connected with other community services. The program is led by a Registered Dietitian and Public Health Nurse.

Services offered to participants include:
breastfeeding support
food / vitamin supplements or vouchers
food nutrition education and prenatal nutrition
pre / postnatal information and support
family and social support
transportation service (call for information)
childcare for children between one and four years of age
interpretive services

When: Tue 10:30 am-1 pm (no child minding provided) * Tue 12:30 pm-2:30 pm (free child minding provided)

Contact: 1-800-265-7293 ext 4274 or [email protected]

Shelldale Better Beginnings, Better Futures

About: Supports the healthy development of children and strengthens family and community life in the Willow Road area of Guelph.

Programs and activities include:
prenatal and infant groups and home visits
parent and child drop-in
preschool playgroups
kindergarten readiness and early literacy groups
after school activities
daily breakfast club

Contact: 519-824-8498 or [email protected]

Tummies to Toes

40 Weeks to Delivery - Birth Preparation Classes
About: This is a hands-on course that prepares expecting parents for the arrival of their little one. The classes focus on explaining what to expect in birth, choices within childbirth, and the first six weeks postpartum.
Topics include:
preparing for birth
your child’s birth and measures to make you comfortable
cheat sheet for your partner and support people
pain medications and medical interventions
Cesarean births (VBAC classes are available on request)
basic baby care
breastfeeding and troubleshooting

When: 3 night course (3 hours each night) or an intense weekend course (Sat 10-5pm, Sun 1-5pm)

Peas in a Pod - Classes for Multiples

About: These interactive classes are designed for parents expecting more than one baby. It is a 10-hour class that prepares parents for birthing and caring for two or more little ones.
Topics include:
preparing for a multiple birth
preterm labour
birthing options
comfort measures in labour and delivery
postpartum adjustments
breast- and formula-feeding
basic baby care
community resources

When: contact for future dates

Contact: 519-571-9743 or [email protected]

Living Yoga & Health

Prenatal Yoga
About: Join others who are experiencing the amazing changes that pregnancy brings to your body. This class includes information sharing as well strengthening poses and breathing practice to prepare moms-to-be.
When: Tuesdays at 7:30pm

Contact: 519-767-1041 or [email protected]

Birth to 1 Year

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Class and programs are a great way for you and your baby to get out and meet new moms, learn about your baby and have fun.

Guelph Moms and Co

Baby Steps:
About: This program is designed for mommies and babe. Enjoy songs, crafts, connect , with other mommies& babies , listen to guest speakers, enjoy sensory activites and more
When: Fridays 10am -11am

Massage & Music
About: Learn how to use baby massage into your routine! Each week you learn more massage techniques as well as songs to sing & sensory play
When: Mondays 10am

Stroller Fit
About: Get fit, have fun and walk outside. Keep your babe all snuggled in the stroller while you work up a sweat. We walk every week at a different path in Guelph

When: Returning This Spring

Contact: 519-830-4655 or [email protected]

Ontario Early Years Centre

Infant Massage
About: Infant Massage connects you deeply with your baby. It helps you to understand your baby and respond with love and respectful listening. Youand your child will love the special time together.
Tuesdays: April 4-25
May 2-30
Wednesdays: April 5- May 3
May 10 - June 7
June 14 - July 11

Infant Afternoon
About: A weekly drop-in playtime for parents and their children ages bitrth to 8months.

When: Tuesday Afternoons

Contact: 519-821-6638

Tummies to Toes

Baby Food for Beginners
About: Yummy! Lets make some baby food! In this 2-hour course, we will learn about how to make and store baby food. Baby Food for Beginners is offered on a one-to-one basis in your home. We will use many different ways to prepare baby food. Everything is supplied (except a stove)! A booklet of recipes and dietary recommendations are included with the class. Partners, support people, and babies are welcome.

When: Contact for future dates

Massage Me: Learning Baby Massage
About: Touching your baby is a great way to bond with your baby. This course offers different massage techniques to comfort, relax, and play with your little one.
Massage Me includes one-to-one instruction, an information booklet and massage oil. Partners and support people welcome.

When: Contact for Future Dates

Contact: 519-571-9743 or [email protected]

Living Yoga & Health

Mom Yoga
About: Offered as a Workshop Series. A great class to get you out and about with your pre-crawling little one! Enjoy taking the time to stretch and release the tension from your new mom body. Particular attention is given to each mom's healing and energy, to ensure your experience is positive and useful for your day-to-day. Babies will join us for some of the poses.

When: Wednesdays at 10am

Baby Yoga
About: Offered as a Workshop Series. Newborn to Almost Crawler. Yoga poses designed to support your baby’s development. Filled with calming, nurturing ways to enhance bonding and improve baby's digestion and sleep. Babies enjoy yoga on their backs, tummies or held in loving arms. Meet other moms, get support and discover your baby's emerging personality.

When: Starts June 3

Contact: 519-767-1041 or [email protected]

We hope this blog helps you enjoy pregnancy and the first year with your new little one.
Congratulations on your new bundle of joy from all of us at Guelph Kids Guide.

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