Top Instagram Accounts for Toddler Activity Ideas

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Lately I've subscribed to many toddler activity ideas accounts on Instagram. I am a stay-at-home mum to a busy toddler boy (and a baby girl) and I enjoy seeing a variety of unique activity ideas on my Instagram feed. Below, in no particular order, are my favourite Instagram accounts for toddler activities inspiration:

thedadlab – Sergei is a full-time dad to 2 boys. It's refreshing to see a dad posting experiments, fun educational activities, simple crafts and creative toys when so many stay-at-home parents are mums. Some of the activities he's posted that I want to do with my son are building plastic cup structures, the coloured water experiment, and the blowing pom poms with straws race.

doadotart – I love do-a-dot markers because they are non-toxic, come in bright colours and my son enjoys using them. Back in March I even posted a rainbow do-a-dot art project for St. Patrick's Day. This Instagram account has many cute, easy art activities using do-a-dot markers. My favourites are the rabbit holding onto a big bunch of colourful balloons and the bright heart made of dots.

funwithmama – Nadia is a mum of 3 and she posts her kids art activities. She posts many ideas that are easy to set up for a toddler. Nadia's focus is on art, but sometimes there will be a letter activity as well. Her love bomb confetti craft turned out really cute and might make an appearance next Valentine's Day.

busytoddler – Susie posts easy activities to keep her children entertained and she jokes that she's just trying to make it to nap time each day. I like how on each of her photos she includes the title. Some of her recent fun ideas are cloud dough dinos, pinch and sort, wash the dog and intro to sorting.

rainbowrockproject – This one is adorable! It's all about a young girl named Alia who's goal is to spread kindness one rainbow rock at a time. She raises money for charities and encourages other people to paint rainbows on rocks and leave them places to make others happy. Their popular hashtag is #rainbowrockproject. I'm planning on making rainbow rocks with my little guy soon.

discovering_our_tribe – Emily, Dot and Lilah's Australian mum, posts on this account. She has lots of easy activities, sensory bins, art projects, and book suggestions. I can't decide if her spaghetti sensory bin with plastic foods would delight or gross out my toddler so I might need to make one to see. Her rainbow salt art activity might require more prep than most of her posts, but it turned out well.

simplylearning – this mum has 2 daughters. She has a theme each week and has created, “a modern, hassle-free tot school curriculum designed with the busy mom in mind.” Some past themes include water, exercise, all about me, and sky + space. This is one of the first toddler activities ideas Instagram accounts I started following and she has lots of neat ideas that you can pick and choose from to do with your own toddler.

Hopefully you discovered a few new accounts on Instagram that you want to follow. Which are your favourite toddler activity ideas accounts on Instagram?


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